Tutorific! started as a love for teaching and mathematics for the founder Kris. Beginning as a private tutor and eventually teaching at an afterschool program, she discovered a newfound passion for assisting students in performing their very best. She believes that all students have the ability to achieve whatever they want and hopes to help as many students as possible to reach their goals.


Tutoring is also not just for struggling students! The centre caters for higher performing students as well as struggling students. Everyone has room to improve and even students who are performing well can benefit from Tutorific! Many remedial programs only aim to assist learners who are really struggling with their subjects but we also focus on those students who simply want to improve and excel in their courses. Passion and energy are at the core of our teaching goals as we hope to impart a lifelong love of learning to our students!


Tutorific Academic Tutoring Cape Town offers mathematics (maths) and physical science (physics and chemistry) classes in Claremont, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. Let our experienced Cape Town tutors help you or your child succeed in school. Send us a message to book today!
Kris Wolfenden

B.A. (University of California, Berkeley) /  MSc. (UCT) / In Progress PhD (UCT)

Kris Wolfenden is a passionate teacher who loves science and math! She hopes to instil a love of learning in her students through teaching. Having moved to South Africa in 2010 from Los Angeles, California, she loves Cape Town and everything it offers. From beaches to mountains, and including the laid back and welcoming attitude of Capetonians, she feels as though she has found her home. She enjoys hiking, basketball, tidepooling, scuba diving and traveling and spends as much time as possible outdoors exploring the world.

Our Tutors

Alize Van Vuuren

BComm in Business Science specialising in Finance and Accounting (UCT)

Alize is a patient and understanding tutor who is currently studying at UCT to obtain her Bachelor's degree. As Afrikaans is Alize's home language, she has a big passion and love for Afrikaans & is excited to instil this same passion and understanding in the students she helps. She believes that as a tutor you must always motivate and support your learners and encourage them to practice and constantly do their bit. Whether it's Afrikaans or Accounting, Alize believes the best way to master a subject is to understand the principles and rules and then to practice it a bit every day. In her spare time, she enjoys playing sudoku, listening to some vinyls while reading a good book or going for a hike with her German Shepard, Misha.

Tutorific Academic Tutoring Cape Town offers mathematics (maths) and physical science (physics and chemistry) classes in Claremont, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. Let our experienced Cape Town tutors help you or your child succeed in school. Send us a message to book today!
Our Offerings

We focus on small group classes in maths, science, accounting, English and Afrikaans for students of grades 5-12 to help them improve their marks and excel in their studies. We also organize a number of camps for Grade 11 and matric students to help them prepare for exams. Private lessons are arranged for students needing more personal help with their studies. Homework help classes will soon be on offer for younger students to help them complete any schoolwork and gain extra practice through worksheets provided by the centre.

Our Mission

To help you by providing the highest level of teaching so that our students can truly excel in their courses.

Mthulisi Mangena

Third Year BSc(Eng) in Mechanical Engineering (UCT)

Mthulisi is an enthusiastic scholar who believes learning is a journey of discovery of the content and more important one's self. The satisfaction of discovering our means of comprehension and how to push our limits is what brings joy to the process of learning, he believes. As such he employs considerable amounts of patience and ingenuity to teach key concepts in the most relatable ways possible. Once that's out of the way, practice and application become the order of the day. Mthulisi moved to Cape Town a year ago to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at U.C.T.. He is also practicing to be a chartered accountant during his holidays. He enjoys hanging out with friends and occasionally some outdoor activities. 

Tutor in Cape Town tutoring mathematics, physical science and life science at Tutorific. Sagel tutors both privately and in small group classes at our tutoring centre.
Sagel Kundieko

Third Year of BSc Human Anatomy and Physiotherapy (UCT)

Sagel, whose name derives from sagesse, which means wisdom in French, is a recent matriculant of Claremont High School, having achieved almost all code 7 marks on her matric exams, just missing getting all 7s by one mark in Afrikaans. She was a prefect, head of debating and a librarian and even started a school paper at her high school. At Tutorific she tutors maths, physical science, accounting and life science and is very passionate about passing knowledge and confidence on to her students. Aiming to eventually become a doctor, she has opted to first study human anatomy and physiotherapy and genetics. She also loves anime, food and knowledge. She aspires to become a great philosopher one day!

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Tapiwa Chawarika

BComm in Accounting (Wits)

Tapiwa has been helping students adjust to the demands of university life and has tutored throughout her university career. She believes that the only limitations to our greatness in life are the ones we place in our own minds and aims to share this attitude with all the students she encounters. Although she is somewhat introverted she enjoys engaging with her students and having the opportunity to improve their academic lives m in the best way she can. She is an avid reader and a lover of good food, travel and pets. She graduated at Wits with a Bcomm in Accounting and is pursuing her post graduate studies with the intention to one day qualify as an auditor.

Millicent Kwangwari.jpg
Millicent Kwangwari

Third-Year B.Eng in Electrical Engineering (UCT)

Millicent is a young and eager aspiring engineer who's constantly striving to learn the next new skill. She moved to Cape Town to pursue her degree in electrical engineering at the University of Cape Town. Through her various experiences in mentoring and tutoring including with SHAWCO at UCT, she is adept at the particulars of teaching. Millicent is able to facilitate a healthy and conducive environment for learning while still instilling discipline and motivation within her students. In her free time, she enjoys quality time with friends and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Tutorific Academic Tutoring Cape Town offers mathematics (maths) and physical science (physics and chemistry) classes in Claremont, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. Let our experienced Cape Town tutors help you or your child succeed in school. Send us a message to book today!
Alistair Bapoo

Retired Principal and Senior Phase English Teacher

"To teach is to touch a life" has always been Alistair's philosophy on education. He's taught English at high school level for 36 years, preparing learners for the Senior Certificate examination and being a Senior Marker for all three papers written for English. Since he is aware of what examiners look for when assessing examination scripts, he uses this experience to inform his teaching practice and ensure that students are adequately prepared for tests and exams. He is friendly and approachable and loves assisting students to achieve their best in English. In his spare time Alistair enjoys reading, going to the theatre, gardening, cooking and spending time with his grandchildren.

Tamara Kleinschmidt

Completed BComm (Hons) in Accounting, now completing Articles

Tamara is an energetic student with a passion for helping young people grow. Currently completing her third year at UCT in BComm Accounting, she hopes to continue further in her studies and become a financial accountant. Her goal when tutoring is to give students the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. She is in her final year of studies and hopes to inspire students the same way in which her mentors have inspired her. She also enjoys socialising and being active. Tamara loves animals and has two dogs that she treats like her children :) As a tutor Tamara will go above and beyond for her students, always putting her all into helping them achieve their goals.

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Raia Pillay

First Year BA in Psychology  at UCT

Raia is a recent matriculant of Wynberg Girl’s High School, having achieved distinctions in maths literacy, consumer studies and visual arts. After finishing her matric last year, she just couldn't bear to leave Tutorific! She currently works as a administrator and also tutors students in maths lit, consumer studies, visual arts and life science. She is a passionate young woman who is trustworthy and always eager to learn. As a tutor she aims to push her students to do their best at all times and help make the work easier so that they are able to enjoy school. She would eventually like to become a criminal psychologist/analyst and has a passion for helping others, art, music, food and dancing. She always tries to live by her life motto: “Think positive, be positive!’

Ayanda Ndlanzi

Third Year in BScEng in Civil Engineering (UCT)

Ayanda is hard working, relatable to people and a fast learner who is currently in her third year of studies in Civil Engineering at UCT. She is able to make lessons fun and organized for her students. Ayanda does her utmost best for her students at every opportunity. She volunteers with SHAWCO as a maths tutor and loves helping students improve and excel. Part of tutoring includes being able to communicate with people, which is one of her best qualities. She can speak multiple South African languages, including IsiXhosa, Setswana, Isizulu, English and some Venda. She believes university is not just about getting your degree and making friends but is also a key stepping stone to what is still to come.

Cara Mazzola

First Year in BBusSc in Chartered Accounting

Cara is a fun, dynamic and highly experienced tutor who prides herself in providing enjoyable and positive learning environments for students of all ages and skill levels. Using the knowledge and creativity she has gained through her background in journalism and design, Cara has developed an adaptive approach to support and guide over a thousand English language students towards their unique goals. She primarily works with English as a second language students, or those completing their studies to become TEFL teachers. When she’s not tutoring, you can find her buried in a book, making art, or skateboarding around the cityscape. 

Kwabena Shange

Third Year in BScEng in Mechanical Engineering

Kwabena moved to Cape Town as a child and was home-schooled until grade 9. This set the foundation for a flexible approach towards learning. Altruistic by nature, he seeks out any opportunity to help those around him and has been focused on helping high school students reach their full academic potential since matriculating in 2017. After facing his own difficulties adjusting to university, he hopes to assist students in bridging the gap between high school and life afterwards and thus believes that the role of a tutor extends past simply preparing his students for what is currently in front of them. A proud free spirit, Kwabena spends most of his free time exploring the city, visiting friends, creating and observing art and playing soccer and basketball.

Munshya Mupela

Fourth Year in BComm in Accounting

Munshya is currently studying with the goal of becoming a chartered accountant one day. She loves running, playing tennis and reading a good book. Having lived in five different cities in her lifetime has sparked her love for travel and interacting with new and diverse people. Being quite the logistical individual she is, she enjoys making plans with her friends and talking about shared experiences. She believes that people are unique and have different ways of absorbing and processing information. “Never give up, never surrender” are words that she lives by. As a member of the Tutorific team she hopes to instill this kind of resilience and perseverance in students, especially when times get tough.

Nicol Randeria

Fourth-Year Honors in Speech and Language Therapy (UCT)

Nicol is a hard-working and fun-loving individual hungry to make a positive change in her community. Nicol’s empathy and compassion for helping people has been entrenched since her early school days. She has been actively involved in community projects and committees as well as holding prominent leadership positions. These experiences have allowed Nicol to approach her teaching methods in a very unique and fun way to learn and grasp concepts more easily. Nicol prides herself on perseverance and commitment to the goals she sets out to achieve and is determined to relay this commitment to her students so that they can achieve their personal goals they set out.

Nicole Stuurman

Third Year of BA in Organisational Psychology and Media and Writing (UCT)

Being born right here in the Mother City, Nicole has learnt that 'education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world.' Nicole is a humble hard-working young lady who sees obstacles as a challenge and will always find an efficient way to get over them. She is caring and loving, but also honest with a constant positive attitude. She has excellent communication skills and loves working with others because "when we give cheerfully and accept gracefully, everyone is blessed" (Maya Angelou).  Nicole carries herself with confidence while sticking closely to her morals and values. Her hobbies include netball, hanging out with friends and family, public speaking and participating in stage plays.

Tutorific Academic Tutoring Cape Town offers mathematics (maths) and physical science (physics and chemistry) classes in Claremont, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. Let our experienced Cape Town tutors help you or your child succeed in school. Send us a message to book today!

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Tutorific Academic Tutoring Cape Town offers mathematics (maths) and physical science (physics and chemistry) classes in Claremont, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. Let our experienced Cape Town tutors help you or your child succeed in school. Send us a message to book today!

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